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Past projects

Projects with the Judicial Academy as their beneficiary:

- CARDS 2001: "Reform of Judiciary – Support to the Judicial Academy of Croatia"

- CARDS 2003: "Education and Training of Prosecutors"

- PHARE 2005: "Support to the Judicial Academy of Croatia: Developing a Training System for Future Judges and Prosecutors"

- IPA 2008: "Support to the Establishment of a State School for Judicial Officials"

- IPA 2008 Twinning Light (Leftovers): "Strengthening the work of the State School for Judicial Officials trough Upgrading its Professional Training Programmes and Work Flow"

- IPA 2009 "Professional Development of Judicial Advisors and Future Judges and State Attorneys through Establishment of Self-Sustainable Training System"

- IPA 2011 Spokesperson training project: "Strengthening Courts in their Relations with the Media"

- MATRA FLEX: "Support to the Judicial Academy in EU Curriculum Development"

- MATRA FLEX: "Bringing the Judiciary Closer to the Public – the Role of Spokespersons in the Judiciary"

- ABA/CELLI Programme: "Improving War Crimes Adjudication Capacity in Croatia"

- GOF/Reuniting Europe Programme: "Capacity Building Support to the Judicial Academy"

Projects with the Judicial Academy as their stakeholder:

- CARDS 2001: "Intellectual Property Rights in Croatia – Copyrights and Related Rights"

- CARDS 2003: "Support to the Reform of the Croatian Court System"

- CARDS 2003 Regional - Module 4

- CARDS 2004: "Combating Trafficking in Human Beings"

- CARDS 2004: "Support to More Efficient, Effective and Modern Operation and Functioning of the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia"

- CARDS 2004: "Improving Court and Case Management at the High Misdemeanour Court and Selected Misdemeanour Courts"

- PHARE 2005: "Strengthening of Capacity to Manage and Enforce the EU Competition and State Aid Policies in Croatia"

- PHARE 2006: "Strengthening the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Croatia"

- PHARE 2006: "Support to Court Administration and Case Management Improvement"

- PHARE 2006: "Harmonisation and Publication of Case Law"

- IPA 2007: "Strengthening Anti-Corruption Inter-Agency Co-operation"

- IPA 2007: "Implementing Croatian Competition and State Aid Policies"

- IPA 2007: "Reinforcement of Institutional and Administrative Capacity for the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency"

- IPA 2007: "Capacity Building of the Croatian Agency for Protection of Personal Data"

- IPA 2008: "The Development of Probation Services in Croatia"

- IPA 2008: "Enforcement of the New Environmental Protection Act Harmonized with EU Legislation is Cases of Criminal Offences Against the Environment"

- IPA 2008: "Enforcement of the Aarhus Convention in the Adriatic Region Countries"

- IPA 2008: "Support to the Reform of Criminal Proceedings"

- IPA 2009: "Capacity Building in the Field of Fight against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of Children, and on Police Assistance to Vulnerable Crime Victims"

- IPA 2009 "Establishing a Comprehensive System for Anti-discrimination Protection"

- IPA 2010: "Regional Cooperation in Criminal Justice: Strengthening capacities in the fight against cybercrime"

- MATRA MAT: "Enhancement of the Capacities of the Ministry of Justice"

- TEMPUS: "Foreign Languages in the Field of Law (FLIFL)"

- European Judicial Cooperation in the Fundamental Rights Practice of National Courts – The Unexplored Potential of Judicial Dialogue Methodology

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