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Regional Cybercrime Centre

The establishment of a regional centre for judicial training on combating cybercrime in Zagreb was initiated under the IPA 2010 project for “Regional Cooperation in Criminal Justice: Strengthening Capacities in the Fight Against Cybercrime in South-East Europe”.

- The project was implemented by the Council of Europe.

- The countries involved in the project included: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

- The project commenced in November 2010 and was completed at the end of April 2013.

- The objective of the project was to strengthen the capacity of judicial bodies and interior ministries from the Western Balkans and Turkey to cooperate effectively against cybercrime.

- The value of the project was €2,777,778.00.

- At the conference held in Ohrid in May 2011, Croatia (as the first among the countries involved in the project to join the EU) was identified as the country where a Pilot Centre would be established.

- The Pilot Centre would operate within the Judicial Academy, and premises for the Centre have been provided by the Ministry of Justice.

- Within the Pilot Centre, the plan is to have four activities each year. The organisation of those activities will be financed through European Union and bilateral projects.

- At the conference held in Dubrovnik from 13 to 15 February 2013, high officials from the ministries of justice and the interior of all countries participating in the project signed a Declaration on Strategic Priorities in the Cooperation against Cybercrime, which also identifies the establishment of the Pilot Centre in Croatia as one of the strategic priorities.

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