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The Judicial Academy has been providing theoretical professional training for trainees in judicial bodies since January 2010 (Judicial Body Trainee and Bar Examination Act, as published in Narodne novine /Croatia’s Official Journal/, no. 84/08 and 75/09, and the Ordinance on Theoretical and Practical Professional Training for Trainees in Judicial Bodies, as published in Narodne novine, no. 96/09 and 4/10).

The programme covers trainees in judicial bodies (including judicial and prosecutorial trainees).

The procedure to select trainees is carried out through vacancy announcements issued by the Ministry of Justice. Each vacancy announcement is published in the Narodne novine and on the website of the Ministry of Justice. Vacancies are announced on the basis of the needs of judicial bodies from all over Croatia.

The training programme for trainees takes two years. It includes both practical and theoretical components. The practical components consist of mentored on-the-job training for trainees in judicial bodies, with theoretical components provided through workshops organised by the Judicial Academy.

Theoretical training is delivered through workshops which simultaneously proceed in five regional centres of the Judicial Academy (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek and Varaždin).

The purpose of this training is to ensure that trainees acquire the skills required to deal with practical tasks from the purview of courts and prosecutors’ offices and to prepare them for their bar examination.

The trainers conducting such workshops include judges and deputy prosecutors appointed by the Programme Council of the Judicial Academy.

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