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Lifelong professional development is a legally founded right and duty of any judge, prosecutor or his/her deputy as well as any judicial and prosecutorial advisor. The Judicial Academy, including its five branch offices – namely, the Regional Centres in Zagreb, Varaždin, Osijek, Rijeka and Split – is a central institution whose mission is, among other things, to enable the exercise of that right and the fulfilment of that duty.

The professional training programme for judicial officials and advisors in judicial bodies is divided into three components: the first one pertains to the basic branches of law (civil law, criminal law, commercial law, misdemeanour law, administrative law and European law), the second deals with professional standards for judicial officials (i.e. ethnics and deontology in the judicial profession), while the third one refers to the development of skills (IT education, train-the-trainer courses, mentor training, etc.). As part of these components and in addition to standard workshops focused on issues dealt with by most of the judges and prosecutors and their deputies, we also organise dedicated workshops geared towards narrow specialisation in specific areas of law.

The training activities provided for under this programme are most often carried out through workshops organised for groups of approximately twenty participants, by using an interactive approach and placing emphasis on the active role of participants. A limited number of activities is carried out in the form of round tables, seminars and conferences designed for a larger audience, with emphasis on an ex cathedra approach.

Training activities organised by the Judicial Academy are conducted by qualified trainers (lecturers), including judges, prosecutors and their deputies who have received appropriate training for that task, as well as university professors and other experts in various professions.

For each topic, efforts are made to develop training materials such as handbooks for trainers and participants. Their preparation involves participation by renowned judicial officials, law school professors and experts from other areas.

For each calendar year, the Programme Council of the Judicial Academy adopts a curriculum for the professional training programme for judicial officials and advisors in judicial bodies, and proposes trainers for education activities and authors for training materials.

The implementing agencies, the types of training, the application procedures for participation in specific forms of professional training, and the duration and evaluation of continuous professional training for judicial officials are defined in the Ordinance on Admission to Professional Training (as published in Narodne novine /Croatia’s Official Journal/, no. 15/18 i 41/18.).

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